Russian Doll Catering is a full-service catering company and is owned by Chef Fenya she has been a big hit in Socal from winning awards from The State of California, Senate to winning awards from The California State Legislature some of the awards being "Amazing Women of the Inland Empire" and The city council recognizing her for her OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP and in every BUSINESS community she steps in. Also, she has also been on the news this is only scratching the surface of why CHEF FENYA is one of the best Catering Companies to chose from in SOCAL. With each Event becoming a new and unique experience with its own challenges and interactive energetic experiences with our clients, our staff always exceeds the expectations of our clients this is what makes us different we make every event a meaningful experience.

Russian Doll Offers Unique Cuisine to the Inland Empire

Our Executive Chef travels internationally to gain knowledge of diverse cultures on food and menu planning. By devoting herself to obtaining fresh ingredients at local farmers' markets, Chef Fenya is influenced by the latest trends by offering a contemporary twist on classic dishes, world-class cuisines, and updated menus. - Chateau Le Blanc, France If you are looking for affordable catering with an international flair, Russian Doll Bakery is the answer to your catering question. Chef Fenya is always on the lookout for the best ingredients sourced from local farmers markets. We believe in supporting our local farmer's and the service they offer to the community. By using locally grown, fresh ingredients, we offer our clients the best the Inland Empire has to offer.

Our Mission -  "Working as a team is such a beautiful thing and helping each other while serving the community is our purpose."


Our vision is to build a team of young adults with troubled lives and teach them cooking and serving to build self-esteem. We want to give them a secure place to learn. Our goal is to find a Hacienda to host catered events and have the youth work events.

Want to be apart of our team or have the same vision?