The booking of your wedding caterer should be an exciting and straight forward process. Russian Doll Catering offers a complete event planning service together with catering so that we can help everything from location to flower arrangements. We provide riverside wedding catering services.
It can be quite challenging to recruit wedding caterers, especially if you want to figure out the budget, the number of guests and the menu. The good news is, however, that hiring the right wedding caterer will help you find all these things. If there are no in-house caterers and no list of preferred caterers in your marriage venue, start the search by narrowing down the caterer list you like.

First of all, expect your caterer to give you an idea of who you are, what you like and don’t like in an informal and non-pressurized discussion. This can be done from your phone or at home, depending on where you are. We like to meet people to feel who customers are and what they want instead of conjecture. A proposal with menus and costs for your first consultation is then created.
Ask your friends or even your marriage photographer or DJ whether they have a proposal for a previous wedding. Once you have a few options, hit and arrange appointments while the iron is hot.
It’s so important to book early!

What does a catering company do?

So what is a catering company doing in the background? Catering includes planning, preparation, teamwork, creativity, and flexibility from the initial caterer meeting to the big day.
A catering team works with their customers on the custom appetizer menu to the last breath of salad that is untouched in the dumpster and includes a bar menu, a dinner menu and possibly dessert menus, coffee and late-night bites. This includes the discussion of staffing, scheduling, presentation, contracts and caterers and the post-event clean-up.
The catering company will provide you a service review after all the details have been agreed. Don’t be afraid of asking and negotiating questions! A good catering company is transparent about its costs and explains why it makes the decisions it makes.

What questions should I ask from a Wedding Caterer?

To begin with, check their availability. Ask what places to cater, as this will give you a sense of their status in the industry. I even advise you to go one step further and make some telephone calls to locations and see with whom they like to work. It is always suitable for people who always see caterers have a first-hand opinion. Who are they going to choose?

Ask your caterer about any cooking that you might want to have for your wedding a traditional style of cooking. Please also ask for a rough cost estimation at once so that your time is not wasted. Every menu is entirely customized, and every catering equipment should be hired for your exclusive list that many people do not understand. Cost also depends very much on the location itself–the size, the installation, the number of levels, where it is and so forth.

Final Words

Cost is something worth considering while hiring a wedding caterer. Some caterers focus on lower prices and greater volumes, some cost considerably higher, although events are substantially lower. It is always good to understand why some caterers are costlier. Because they are more reputed to offer a different service level. So, try to enquirer about 2-3 Wedding catering service companies to make sure you are booking the best for your wedding event!