food safety

A message to our clients and community about COVID 19:

Russian Doll Catering is fully committed to the safety and health of our clients. As a added measure of the CDC we are following the necessary prevention of washing your hands, change gloves frequently, don’t touch your face, sanitize regularly and if sick stay home.

We at Russian Doll Catering have always had a Grade A Health Permit rating because we already promote healthy hygiene and food safety to our guest and any event.


Our goal is to keep calm and updated on the latest of the COVID 19 virus and the best way to serve our guest.


We are still offering:

  • Menu Tasting
  • Meal Pick Up
  • Meal Delivery
  • Any special request


We looking forward to moving through this time with the highest standard with you and our food suppliers.


With gratitude,

Russian Doll Catering

Executive Chef Fenya